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Finaflex packs a 1.9g non-transparent blend into its new Stimul8 Dynamite

stimul8 dynamite

This week, Finaflex has made its latest entry in its long-running family of Stimul8 supplements, available for pre-order. The brand’s all-new product is the explosively named Stimul8 Dynamite which is said to provide explosive clean energy, increased blood flow to muscles, and improved mental focus.


To pre-order Finaflex’s new Stimul8 Dynamite you need to head on over to its online at where you can secure yourself a 30 serving tub of the pre-workout for $49.99. Despite having fewer servings, the supplement is actually cheaper than what the brand has the regular version of Stimul8 available for.


Just like the previous Stimul8, Finaflex’s Stimul8 Dynamite is mostly non-transparent, meaning you don’t know the exact amount of each ingredient you get except caffeine. The pre-workout packs a 1.9g proprietary blend into each serving made up of eight different ingredients with a lot of those being stimulants.

stimul8 dynamite

Stimul8 Dynamite’s non-transparent blend includes CarnoSyn beta-alanine, caffeine, theanine, the pump enhancer Vaso6, Dynamine, gbbGO, TeaCrine, and rauwolfia. Finaflex does list the dose of the caffeine at 300mg which means all of the ingredients before it on the label are heavier and those after are lighter.


As mentioned, Finaflex’s latest version of Stimul8 can now be pre-ordered directly from the brand’s online store. It also has quite a variety of flavor options available with Peach Mango, Hawaiin Blast, and the two candy-themed recipes, Gummy Bears and Cotton Candy.