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Yummy Sports confirms the actual flavor of its Mysterious ISO

yummy hoops iso

Last year, just in time for Christmas, Yummy Sports launched three all-new options for its flavor marketed protein powder ISO. Two of the three options were appropriately Christmas themed with Ginger Bread and Choco Candy Cane, with the third one being Mysterious Flavor.

Due to the great feedback it received for the Mysterious Flavor ISO, Yummy Sports has now confirmed what exactly the flavor is and announced that it’s getting a bigger size. The brand’s Mysterious Flavor has actually turned out to be a cereal-themed creation named Yummy Hoops.

At the moment, Yummy Sports’ Mysterious Flavor or what we can now call Yummy Hoops, is still only available in its original, five serving bag. As mentioned, the brand is releasing the flavor in a much bigger size very soon which will weigh in at 1kg, just like ISO’s many other options.