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4+ Nutrition previews another delicious protein snack in Filled Choco Joy

4 plus filled choco joy

Our favorite Italian supplement company 4+ Nutrition, is at it again, previewing another delicious looking protein snack. The brand has already shown multiple times that it can be quite creative when it comes to functional food with products like Choco Zero+ and Protein Tortino.

4+ Nutrition has now unveiled its next creative entry into the protein snack category with Filled Choco Joy. The product is a 90g block of solid chocolate that is evenly divided up into 25 bite-size pieces, with each of those pieces packed with some sort of filling.

Filled Choco Joy is promoted as having 24% protein, which should work out to around 21g of protein per block with no word yet on any of the product’s other macros. Four flavors have been confirmed so far with Coconut Sunshine, Vanilla Symphony, Salty Caramel Fudge, and Cookies Deluxe.

4+ Nutrition tends to be pretty quick when it comes to launching new products after unveiling them, so we wouldn’t be surprised if the delicious looking Filled Choco Joy is released soon.