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New straightforward Pure Series coming soon from Finaflex

finaflex pure supplements

Sometime soon Finaflex is launching its Pure Series, which is a family of supplements featuring relatively basic formulas. A total of three items make up the lineup including the whey powered tablet product Pure Amino 5000, and powder supplements Pure Creatine and Pure Glutamine.

Finaflex’s upcoming Pure Amino 5000, as mentioned, is powered by whey protein with absolutely no fillers, additives, or any artificial ingredients. Each hefty eight tablet serving comes with 5,000mg of amino acids, all from whey protein, with an entire bottle packing the usual 30 servings.

You then have Finaflex’s simpler, unflavored powder products, Pure Creatine and Pure Glutamine. Both of those items only contain the ingredient in their titles with creatine monohydrate and regular l-glutamine and come in the same three tub sizes with 300g, 500g, and 1kg.