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Got7 Mini Choc Review: Two incredible candy bar-like protein snacks

got7 mini choc review

Last year for Christmas, Got7 Nutrition put together a special edition Advent Calendar packed full of enjoyable protein snacks. Included in the calendar were actually a bunch of yet-to-be-released products, one of which was an incredibly delicious bite-size bar called Mini Choc.

Got7 Nutrition’s Mini Choc was put together in two flavors for its special calendar with Caramel Toffee and Chocolate Coconut. The macros on them do vary slightly with 4.8/3g of protein, 11/13g of carbohydrates with 3.3/2g of that sugar, 5.7/9.8g of fat, and a total of 115/141 calories.

got7 mini choc review


While the Mini Choc is quite small, it does pack a rich chocolate experience that is closer to a sugar loaded candy bar than any kind of health product. That’s not too surprising seeing as you don’t get all that much protein, but still extremely impressive based on the amount of sugar and calories it has.

Strangely enough, both of Got7 Nutrition’s Mini Choc flavors are similar to its unforgettable Kit Kat-like Bahia Bar Pro, in that they are very reminiscent of popular candy bars. The Caramel Toffee tastes just like a Mars bar with sweet toffee instead of caramel, while the Chocolate Coconut is an incredibly enjoyable Bounty-like experience.

got7 mini choc review

The two products feature a sweet chocolate outer layer that truly tastes like the real thing. The inside is where the protein snacks differ, with the Caramel Toffee flavor having a thick but soft center and an equally easy top toffee layer. The combination of everything is so close to a Mars bar it’s difficult to believe it only has 3.3g of sugar.

As for Got7 Nutrition’s Chocolate Coconut Mini Choc, this one is our favorite one of the two. While the Caramel Toffee is delicious, the Chocolate Coconut could easily pass as an actual candy bar. It has the same irresistible chocolate outer but with a thinner center and a layer of coconut that makes for a five-star chocolate coconut experience.

got7 mini choc review


The Mini Choc shows that Got7 Nutrition isn’t just a leader in the functional food and protein snack category, but that it is already working on taking things even further. The yet-to-be-released product is just as candy bar-like as its exceptional Bahia Bar, which we’ve still yet to see any competitor come close to.

It is worth mentioning that all of the unreleased snacks in Got7 Nutrition’s Advent Calendar including Mini Choc, were put in there on sort of an experimental basis. Depending on feedback, the European brand will then publicly release the products, which should definitely be the case for Mini Choc.