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The Guerrilla Chemist is working on a pump pre-workout for Chemix

chemix pump pre-workout

The Guerrilla Chemist’s still very new supplement company Chemix, currently has two products available with the stimulant powered Pre-Workout and Intra-Workout. Despite how new both of those supplements are, the Chemist is already hard at work on another product for Chemix.

This week, it has been confirmed that a pre-workout from Chemix more focused on improving muscle pumps is in the works. The only details the brand has shared so far are that the first version of the supplement features ten different ingredients, four of which are branded ingredients.

As mentioned, the Guerilla Chemist and Chemix are only testing the pump product at the moment, so it probably won’t be available for some time. We suspect it will be stackable with the current stimulant Chemix Pre-Workout to make for an even more complete performance in the gym.

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