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Ketinho Review: High-fat bar of chocolate that tastes like the real thing

got7 ketinho review

The limited edition Advent Calendar that Got7 Nutrition put together for last year’s Christmas, was loaded with new and unreleased products. We recently reviewed one of those items with the delicious and truly candy-bar like Mini Choc in both of its Caramel Toffee and Chocolate Coconut flavors.

We’ve now got another one of Got7 Nutrition’s special Advent Calendar products in for review with the tasty Ketinho Chocolate Bar. The snack is a 40g solid bar of chocolate that’s super high in fat and low in protein and carbohydrates. An entire Ketinho provides 27.9g of fat, just 4g of carbs with 1.3g of that sugar, 3.9g of protein, and 274 calories.

got7 ketinho review


Not too surprisingly, Got7 Nutrition’s Ketinho Chocolate Bar tastes exactly how you’d expect based on its looks. The high-fat snack delivers a flavor experience that is practically identical to eating a real, sugar loaded bar of chocolate. It has that same rich and sweet milk chocolate taste, with a smooth texture that really melts in your mouth.

The Ketinho Chocolate Bar doesn’t have any upsetting after taste, it is as hard as a regular block of chocolate, and there is nothing consistency wise that disappoints. The only knock we have on the mouthwatering chocolate bar is that its rich taste doesn’t hit as quickly as real milk chocolate, although when it does hit you immediately forget about the delay.

got7 ketinho review

Got7 Nutrition continues to impress us with its variety of creative and unforgettably tasty snacks. The Ketinho Chocolate Bar is just another example of how good the German brand truly is. We’ve certainly had our fair share of healthy chocolate-like products; however, none has delivered a taste as sweet and on point as Got7’s Ketinho.


It is worth mentioning that the Ketinho Chocolate Bar is Got7 Nutrition’s first high-fat product. Usually, we only ever see low carbohydrate or high protein snacks from the brand, so it’s exciting to see it move with trends. We do wish that Ketinho eventually gets a full release, and also hope that it leads to more creative, high-fat products from Got7.