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Muscle Nation confirms a protein powder is already in the works

muscle nation protein powder

Despite Muscle Nation only just announcing its new line of supplements earlier this month, with the actual launch of the line coming very soon. The Australian brand has already confirmed that it has another product in the works to further complete its family of supplements.

To start, Muscle Nation is going to be taking on the industry with three flavored products. There is the fat burner Destiny, the stimulant pre-workout Legacy, and the stimulant-free pre-workout Three-D. Not too long after all of those items hit shelves, the brand will be jumping into the protein category.

We don’t have details on the Muscle Nation protein powder, but if it’s anything like the brand’s other three supplements, it’s going to be well put together. The brand is expected to have its first-ever protein product ready to go for early April, which is only about a month and a half away.

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