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Grenade is actually releasing two all-new Carb Killa flavors

grenade two more carb killas

Yesterday we confirmed that Grenade is launching another flavor for its delicious Carb Killa protein bar tomorrow. We didn’t have any clues on what that new flavor would be, but we can now confirm that the launch is actually going to involve a bit more than we initially thought.

Tomorrow, Grenade is not just releasing one new Carb Killa flavor, but two. Much like in our previous post, we have no idea what the name of either option is, all we can confirm is that one has a pink color theme to its wrapper while the other has sort of a mix of white and red.

Based on our experience in trying every Carb Killa flavor Grenade has launched, we’re fairly confident that both of the new options are going to be delicious. The pink one has excited for a possible raspberry flavor, which is something we’ve wanted from Grenade for quite some time.