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VPX Sports confirms its upcoming beverage will feature CBD

vpx sports bang energy stoked cbd drink

VPX Sports has shared a better look at its next beverage innovation, which was vaguely previewed only a week or so ago. Based on the previous image the brand shared, we suspected the product to be some kind of CBD drink due to its packaging features a traditional hemp leaf graphic.

Thanks to the latest picture of the upcoming VPX Sports beverage, we can confirm we were correct with our suspicion of a CBD drink. The new image shows off the neck of the product that very clearly reads “CBD”, alongside two other half visible words that say “…cuna” and “vale…”

As for the name of the unique beverage, it appears to end with “oked”, and has just a few letters before that. Unfortunately, that is all the details we have, although we imagine more information will be along soon, especially since the drink has been pictured twice in less than two weeks.

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