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Barebells teases White Chocolate Almond for its Hong Kong lineup

barebells white chocolate almond hong kong

Barebells can be found in a massive amount of countries, although not all places have the same wide variety of products as the brand has in Sweden. Hong Kong is one of the countries Barebells has a presence with its delicious Milkshake in three flavors and number one ranked protein bar in four.

It now looks like the top quality functional food brand is going to expand its lineup of options in Hong Kong with another flavor for its protein bar. This week Barebells has shared a teaser image asking “Nuts For White Chocolate?” and that there are “sweet times ahead…”

Based on the teaser we’re guessing Barebells fans in Hong Kong are about to be treated to the brand’s White Chocolate Almond protein bar that was initially released one year ago. It’s not quite as good as Barebells’ incredible originals, but it does add some nice variety to the menu.

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