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Blackstone Labs’ real food meal formula Fast Food is back

blackstone labs fast food

Last year in October, Blackstone Labs announced that it was discontinuing its real food meal replacement formula Fast Food. Just a few months later, the brand has actually decided to bring back the supplement with the same exact nutrition profile, the same mix of ingredients, and in the same 56 serving tub size.

The one difference with the return of Blackstone Labs Fast Food is that it is no longer the same flavor as the original. Instead of Candied Yams, the brand has gone with a more traditional Chocolate Peanut Butter flavor which still provides a balanced mix of 10g of protein, 5g of fat, and 20g of carbohydrates per serving.

blackstone labs fast food

You can see the full nutrition profile and list of ingredients in the newly flavored Blackstone Labs Fast Food in the label directly above. As mentioned, the brand has kept everything the same from its pea and brown rice protein sources to its sweet potato and wild yam carbohydrate sources.

Blackstone Labs’ Fast Food is now back in stock and available for purchase over on its website where it is still the same price as when it was being cleared out. A full 56 serving tub will currently cost you $52.49 or if you throw in the coupon code “SAVE20ATCHECKOUT” you can drop it down to just $42.