New Keto Genius brings together BHB ketones and focus ingredients

Mar 23rd, 2019
genius brand keto genius

Keto Genius is the latest supplement creation from the white and orange branded Genius Brand that brings together quite an interesting mix of features. The flavored formula is a mental focus enhancing, ketones product that is powered by four premium, patented ingredients.

The keto side of Genius Brand’s Keto Genius is made up of 11.7g of goBHB branded BHB ketones as fuel for energy and performance. Then on the other side of the supplement for mood, mental clarity, and focus you get 600mg of AlphaSize alpha-GPC plus 100mg each of TeaCrine and Dynamine.

genius brand keto genius

As mentioned, Genius Brand’s newest product features a relatively interesting formula with the merging of focus ingredients and ketones. The hybrid style of Keto Genius is something we’ve seen before; however, we like how the brand has incorporated focus but not included the classic stimulant caffeine.

Genius Brand’s Keto Genius is going to be available for purchase in just two days from now on Monday, through the online retailer Amazon. A full-size tub of the supplement will have a total of 15 servings and just the one flavor option to choose from in Watermelon Ice.