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Myprotein 6 Layer Bar Review: Smooth consistency but light on flavor

The 6 Layer Bar is the latest high protein snack from Myprotein that as you could probably gather from its name, features six different layers of flavor and texture. As soon as it became available we grabbed a box each of its two most appealing flavors with Chocolate Brownie and Birthday Cake.

All of the Myprotein 6 Layer Bars have layers protein dough, crispies, and gooey caramel along with various features specific to each flavor. The Chocolate Brownie includes a milk chocolate outer and fudge crumb, while Birthday Cake has a white chocolate coat and hundreds and thousands sprinkled across the top.

myprotein 6 layer bar review


Despite having a hefty amount of six layers, the consistency of the Myprotein 6 Layer Bar is extremely impressive and easy to eat through. No part of the protein bar is chewy or too doughy; it is a very smooth snack. Your teeth almost sink into the product once you break that solid and sweet chocolate outer layer.

While the consistency of the 6 Layer Bar is on point and offers a variety of textures, it doesn’t pack all that much flavor. In the Chocolate Brownie bar you can see and feel all of its different features, however the feeling isn’t matched by taste. The product has a relatively light chocolate flavor to it with the outer milk chocolate being the sweetest part of the bar.

myprotein 6 layer bar review

As for Myprotein’s Birthday Cake 6 Layer Bar, it does do a much better job at getting across its title taste than the Chocolate Brownie. Both the white chocolate outside and gooey inner top layer provide a nice amount of sweetness that goes perfectly with the textures and consistency, making it very obvious what kind of flavor it is.


Myprotein certainly impressed us with the smooth and varying consistency of the 6 Layer Bar, especially since it packs a strong 20g of protein and less than 3g of sugar. The actual flavor of the product could be better, although the Birthday Cake bar does provide good amounts of sweetness that would be great to see equaled in the Chocolate Brownie.