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Nutrabolics introduces third party protein testing with its new HydroPure

nutrabolics protein testing program

As well as making changes formula and branding wise for its next generation of protein powder, which all started with the recent release of the new HydroPure. Nutrabolics has also introduced its protein transparency program that proves to customers that what they see is what they get.

The way the new Nutrabolics program works is every batch of a protein supplement the brand produces is analyzed and tested by the reputable, third-party lab Eurofins. The product gets tested for things like percentage of protein to prove that the amount on its label is indeed what you get in the powder.

To make things even easier Nutrabolics’ new proteins come with a QR code that you scan then enter your supplement’s lot number to see its individual testing information for yourself. The system is along the same lines as what the Amazon brand Amazon Elements offers for its many basic type products.

As mentioned, the program has been introduced with the recently revamped HydroPure and will be used with all of Nutrabolics’ protein releases moving forward.