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ä Protein Pancake Review: Truly unlike any other protein snack out there

Protein Pancake is a unique freshly baked high protein snack from the European based brand that goes by the letter ä. It is indeed a pancake style product that comes packed with protein and one we’ve wanted to try first hand ever since the brand introduced it last year in June.

The Protein Pancake from ä comes in four flavors at the moment with Chocolate, Peach, Vanilla, and Caramel. An entire pancake packs a solid 16g of protein from Volactive branded whey protein and depending on the flavor, 12.6g to 14.6g of carbohydrates, 2.2g to 2.6g of fat, and a low 132 to 142 calories.

Protein Pancake Review


The main body or pancake side of ä’s protein snack is extremely impressive for something with less than 3g of sugar and around 140 calories. It is incredibly soft with zero doughy or hanging aftertaste. It has a very pancake or even cake-like consistency that simply crumbles as you chew through it.

As mentioned, the ä Protein Pancake does come in a variety of flavors that deliver their title tastes with a gooey, flavor-loaded center. Of the product’s four options, the Peach and Chocolate stand out the most to us, purely because they’re the only ones where you can taste the flavor in their names.

The Peach delivers a creamy, sweet dose of its title flavor that mixes seamlessly with the body and can be tasted over all of the pancake goodness. The Chocolate then takes things up a notch and hits you with a rich chocolate taste that turns it into a real cake-like experience and makes it difficult to put down after one bite.

Protein Pancake Review


The ä Protein Pancake is actually better than we expected, mostly because it is unlike anything we’ve had before in terms of protein snacks. When it comes to unique foods like this, we always assume it will have some difference to the real thing, although when it comes to ä’s product, that isn’t the case.

The Protein Pancake never really feels like a high protein snack at any point and is truly different from every other functional food we’ve come across. The only areas we think could be improved is to have more creamy filling, and enlarge the center pocket so you don’t get as many bites without the sweet gooey filling.