S’Mores flavor coming soon to the MRE Bar as well as more B.A.R. options

Mar 16th, 2019
smores mre bar

Redcon1 is looking to heat things up even further in the growing protein bar market, despite only just releasing its cereal piece product B.A.R. a few weeks ago. The brand has revealed that it’s put together another three flavors for its protein bars, one for the game-changing MRE Bar and two for B.A.R.

For now, Redcon1 has only confirmed the name of the upcoming flavor for the MRE Bar which is the traditional campfire treat, S’Mores. We’re not sure exactly when the brand plans on dropping the S’Mores MRE Bar, although regardless, we are very excited to see what its two new B.A.R. flavors are.

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