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Finaflex is releasing a protein bar called Totalicious in Australia


Sometime very soon, Finaflex’s Australian fans and followers are getting an all-new protein snack in their part of the world called Totalicious. From what we know, Australia is going to be the only country you’ll be able to get the product, which is a shame as it sounds quite delicious.

Finaflex’s Totalicious is a low carbohydrate and high protein snack that features a triple-layer build and a soft and chewy consistency. It is due to launch in three well-named flavors with Chocolate Peanut Pleasure, Chocolate Coconut Twist, and White Chocolate Berry.

We have yet to see the list of ingredients in the upcoming Totalicious protein bar, but can confirm all of its essential nutrition numbers. The protein snack will pack about 20g of protein per bar with 6g or less of sugar, between 5g to 6g of fiber, and calories ranging from 226 to 239.

According to Finaflex’s distributor down under in Australia Global Nutrition, the brand’s all-new protein bar has almost arrived in the country. Nothing has been mentioned about the price on the product just yet, but it will be available in boxes with the usual 12 bars per box.