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ClearPharm completely unveils its strength and muscle builder Preponderant

clearpharm preponderant

ClearPharm has completely unveiled its next supplement set to join its first product, the pre-workout Anomaly, which launched near the end of last year. The upcoming supplement is the muscle builder Preponderant, and as expected it features a full on formula just like ClearPharm’s Anomaly.

Preponderant is a comprehensive product designed to enhance strength and muscle building as well as inhibit myostatin. It comes with five completely transparent and well dosed main ingredients, alongside a handful of other features to help improve the bioavailability of everything.

Jam-packed into each four-capsule serving of ClearPharm’s Preponderant is a full 1.5g of Mediator branded phosphatidic acid and 100mg of Laxosterone laxogenin. The remaining three main muscle building ingredients are 50mg of apigenin, 300mg of ProEpicate epicatechin, and 200mg of amentoflavone.

clearpharm preponderant

As mentioned, ClearPharm has also thrown in a bioavailability enhancing blend made up of four more features. You can see the official facts panel for Preponderant directly above which includes the two commonly used absorption ingredients AstraGin at 50mg per serving and black pepper at 10mg.

ClearPharm has confirmed that Preponderant is going to be out and available for purchase sometime next month in the UK. There are plenty of places you can purchase the brand throughout the United Kingdom including a variety of retailers as well as a direct-to-consumer store over at