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ClearPharm reveals yet another new product that’s not a muscle builder

clearpharm catalyst

Over the past couple of weeks, ClearPharm has earned itself quite a bit of attention after completely unveiling two all-new products due to drop sometime next month. Those two supplements are the strength and muscle builders Preponderant and the creatine based formula Magnitude.

The UK company has now revealed that it actually has yet another product on the way that isn’t aimed at building muscle like the other two. ClearPharm’s other upcoming supplement is The Catalyst which is a fat burning formula that promises to bring together a variety of weight loss effects.

The Catalyst is said to deliver increased energy, enhanced thermogenesis, and glucose disposal benefits, all rolled up into a three capsule serving. We don’t yet know what any of the ingredients or doses are in the fourth ClearPharm supplement, however, all of that is due to be revealed tomorrow.