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ClearPharm reveals the formula behind its muscle builder Magnitude

clearpharm magnitude

Just a day after announcing its next new supplement, ClearPharm has shared the full label behind the strength and muscle building formula Magnitude. Previously, the UK brand only confirmed what ingredients would be in the product, which was actually enough to get us excited even without the doses.

As suspected and just like ClearPharm’s other two supplements, Magnitude definitely falls into the area of being a well-dosed product. It is a creatine based formula, although the brand has jammed a lot more than just creatine into this one, with all of its strength, size and power ingredients combining for a 20g serving size.

Starting from the top, ClearPharm promising Magnitude comes with a hefty 6g of creatine monohydrate which is transparently listed as providing 5.4g of actual creation. You then have 5g of betaine, 3g of HMB free acid, 2g of schisandra chinensis, 200mg of amentoflavone, and 50mg of AstraGin for better absorption.

clearpharm magnitude

ClearPharm’s upcoming Magnitude also comes with the performance ingredients PeakATP, elevATP, and PeakO2 dosed at 150mg, 400mg, and 2g respectively. For those wondering if this can be stacked with the brand’s other muscle builder Preponderant, ClearPharm has confirmed it can be with Preponderant to be taken before your workout and Magnitude during or after.

ClearPharm plans on launching Magnitude later this month alongside Preponderant with its website due to be the first place stocking the two promising supplements. Seeing as the two muscle building products can be used together, when they eventually arrive the brand will be making them available both individually and as a stack.