Cookies and Cream Optimum Protein Bar confirmed and coming soon

Apr 13th, 2019
cookies and cream optimum protein bar

Ever since sampling and purchasing a few of boxes Optimum Nutrition’s new Protein Bar at FIBO this year, we’ve continued to talk about just how game-changing the consistency of it is. The product has an amazingly soft and fluffy texture that is unlike anything else in the growing protein bar market.

We recently shared details on a third flavor for the Optimum Protein Bar with Rocky Road, which sounds like it’ll be a much more flavor-filled experience compared to its other two. It now turns out the enjoyable protein snack actually has four options on its menu as information on another flavor has now surfaced.

Over on Amazon in the UK, the delicious Optimum Protein Bar is listed as coming soon in another great sounding flavor with Cookies and Cream. The product will feature the usual mix of 20g of protein with no added sugar and is said to arrive sometime over the next few months in boxes of a total of ten bars.