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Early thoughts on a beta sample of Inspired’s intense DVST8 BBD

dvst8 bbd

If you haven’t heard, the top-quality supplement company Inspired Nutraceuticals, plans on launching another version of its reputable pre-workout called DVST8 BBD. Like all of the DVST8s before it, the upcoming product intends to deliver an even better experience than the previous version.

Recently we were lucky enough to get our hands on a sample of the exciting new supplement and have given it a quick run to get an idea on what we’re in for with DVST8 BBD. Every DVST8 release over the past few years has ranked in our list of top pre-workouts on the market, so we were very eager to try BBD.

While we can’t provide a full review off just the one sample as we typically use over half of a tub, we can tell you DVST8 BBD is going to be one intense pre-workout. We made sure we tested the product alongside other reputable supplements, and as expected it does not disappoint, packing one hell of a punch.

Judging by the one-time test, DVST8 BBD comes with the same heightened performance and strength as the impressive DVST8 White Diamond. You also get an enhanced muscle pump, but it is the incredible energy and mental focus that stands out in Inspired’s latest pre-workout effort.

DVST8 BBD hits fairly intensely not too long after takng a full serving, and it maintains that level or power through to the finish of your workout. As mentioned, we can’t be 100% sure on just how good it is until we’ve run it a few more times, but based on the one sample, it will carry certainly on the DVST8 legacy.

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