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Inspired shares the first look at its upcoming pre-workout DVST8 BBD

dvst8 bbd

Sometime shortly, Inspired plans on launching another version of its legendary pre-workout DVST8, called DVST8 BBD which stands for Big Black DVST8. The exciting new supplement was originally confirmed a couple of months ago in February and has had very little mention since.

Today we don’t really have any major details to share, we do however have an update on DVST8 BBD with a preview of what it’s going to look like without any text on it. You can see the blank supplement in the image above where it seems Inspired has given it a simpler, more straight-to-the-point look.

Regardless of what Inspired’s new DVST8 BBD looks like, we’re extremely excited to see the formula behind it and find out just how well it performs in the gym. The long-running family of DVST8 pre-workouts has always been a favorite of ours, purely because every version of DVST8 has delivered.

It is due to that strong track record of DVST8s that we’re looking forward to DVST8 BBD and are really hoping it’s something that’ll heat up the competitive pre-workout category even more. As far as we know, the newest version of DVST8 is intended to be available within the next month or so.

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