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3 of the most exciting releases from the 2019 FIBO Expo

optimum protein bar

Last week the major FIBO Expo went down once again in Cologne, Germany and it was bigger than we had ever seen before. There was a mountain of brands that went huge in terms of booth quality, and even more that decided to reveal or release entirely new supplements and flavors at the event.

While there were a lot of new products, some of which took home our four Stack3d Supplement Expo Awards, there were also some that truly stood out. Three of those we’d like to highlight as we really feel they deserve some extra attention and make us extremely excited to see what the future brings for them.

Got7 I Am Tasty

The first item on the list kind of went unnoticed by us for most of this year’s FIBO Expo with Got7 Nutrition’s I Am Tasty protein bar. The flavor of the protein snack isn’t too bad and definitely delivers on its White Chocolate name, however, the macros are what make the product extremely impressive.

got7 i am tasty

A lot of protein bars on the market have 20g of protein for around 220 calories, with that 220 being exactly how many calories Got7’s I Am Tasty has. What makes the product so special is that it has significantly more protein with 31g, making it the leanest protein to calorie bar we’ve ever seen.

Dragon Ball Z Series

Next, we actually have a series of supplements with our People’s Choice award winner for FIBO with Olimp’s Dragon Ball Z products. The authentic collaboration sees the major European brand combine a handful of its mainstream supplements with characters from the Dragon Ball Z universe.

The unveiling of the new Olimp products earned more attention here at Stack3d than anything we’d seen in quite some time. While the brand’s series is limited edition, we’re hoping it expands on it in the near future, as based on the attention it got and how many other things from Dragon Ball Z it could use, there is huge potential.

olimp dragon ball z supplements

Optimum Protein Bar

Lastly, we’d like to highlight the all-new protein bar from Optimum Nutrition simply named the Optimum Protein Bar. While the product doesn’t quite pack sweet flavors compared to the likes of the Barebells Protein Bar or even Grenade’s Carb Killa, it has a consistency that is better than every other bar out there.

The main body of the Optimum Protein Bar is soft and fluffy, and goes down with each bite like it’s filled with marshmallow. The consistency of the product is truly game-changing and could make the Optimum Protein Bar the best bar on the market if it’s combined with a sweet mix of flavors.