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GCode hints at a Cinnamon Cereal flavor for its meal formula Feast

cinnamon gcode feast

GCode Nutrition has dropped a teaser for what appears to be another flavor for one of its few current supplements. The image doesn’t really feature a whole lot with just a blank, white tub beside a glass of milk and what appears to be a bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal in the background.

Based on everything GCode has included in the teaser, we’re guessing it has a new Cinnamon Cereal flavor on the way, presumably for its recently released meal formula Feast. While Feast isn’t even a month old, another option would make sense since at the moment it only has the one flavor.

What ever GCode Nutrition’s mystery new supplement turns out to be, fans are going to be finding out what it is sooner rather than later, as the brand will be completely unveiling it later this week.

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