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Independence Cake Patriot’s Whey featuring red, white and blue sprinkles

independence cake patriots whey

In a couple of months’ time, just a few days out from Independence Day, ‘Merica Labz plans on launching a unique new flavor for its protein powder Patriot’s Whey. The upcoming product is very fitting for the time of year the brand plans on releasing it, with the name of the flavor being Independence Cake.

‘Merica Labz describes the taste of the exciting new flavor as similar to birthday cake icing which also comes with actual star-shaped sprinkles mixed into the powder. To make Independence Cake Patriot’s Whey even more fitting for Independence Day the sprinkles are colored red, white and blue.

As mentioned, ‘Merica Labz plans to drop its Independence Cake Patriot’s Whey a few days before Independence Day on Monday the 1st of July. The product will be available first directly through the brand’s online store, and if it’s like most of the brand’s launches, it’ll get a special deal when it arrives.