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Optimum Protein Bar Review: Rocky Road sweetens the experience

At this year’s FIBO expo in Cologne, Germany, Optimum Nutrition debuted its very impressive new protein snack, the Optimum Protein Bar. The product features a consistency unlike anything else in the growing functional food category and is best compared to a soft and fluffy marshmallow.

Initially, we only got to try the Optimum Protein Bar in Chocolate Caramel and Peanut Butter but have now got our hands on its Rocky Road flavor. This one was said to offer a bit more in terms of sweetness and taste compared to the other two, which is the only area we feel the product could improve.

optimum protein bar review


Just as we had hoped, the Rocky Road Optimum Protein Bar does indeed deliver a better flavor experience with a slightly sweeter, jelly type taste. You get that same fluffy marshmallow-like consistency in the middle that is of course quite fitting as it plays into the protein bar’s Rocky Road flavor.

The sweet jelly side of the Rocky Road Optimum Protein Bar isn’t overly intense but is enough to stand out over everything else that is going on in the product. The taste of the chocolate outer is still quite subtle, although when everything is rolled together in one bite it really does feel like a strong Rocky Road snack.

optimum protein bar review


The Rocky Road Optimum Protein Bar only strengthens the reputation of the product as it very noticeably comes through in the areas we hoped it would. You get that extra bit of sweetness from its title taste which brings it closer to the many competitors that have that candy bar like experience but are a lot tougher to eat.

At the end of the day, it is that main body consistency that makes the Optimum Protein Bar a solid and truly unique protein bar competitor. While it could still do with a bit more flavor, we can’t complain based on just how soft and easy it is to eat, and you also now have the stronger flavor option available in Rocky Road.