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Primeval Labs announces two new Isolit flavors for release later this year

horchata isolit

The Stack3d Certified Primeval Labs has revealed that its great tasting and high-quality, whey isolate protein Isolit, is getting two new flavors later this year. The supplement already has six options on its menu with top tasting flavors like Cocoa Mint Chip, Chocolate Milk, and the sweet Diner Vanilla.

The upcoming additions to Primeval Labs’ Isolit are Horchata and the lengthier named Banana Chocolate Chip Muffin. The Horchata Isolit is said to be a nice textured mix of milk and cinnamon, with the Banana Chocolate Chip Muffin featuring hints of banana plus actual chocolate chips in the powder.

Primeval Labs has not given either of the new Isolit flavors a launch date, week or month, only confirming that the two options are real and are due to release sometime this year.

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