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Protein Ridges Review: Great flavor with a bit of a doughy consistency

Protein Ridges is the latest and a somewhat different kind of high protein snack from the legacy brand Optimum Nutrition. It is essentially a small bag of baked chips or at least bite-sized pieces with a very reasonable nutrition profile led by 15g of protein with 5g of fat, 15g of carbohydrates, and 170 calories.

Optimum Nutrition only just launched Protein Ridges in the US in four different flavors with BBQ, Honey Siracha, Sour Cream, and Cheese. We decided to grab a box of two of the more interesting sounding options with Cheese and Sour Cream to find out how good Optimum’s newest snack creation is.

protein ridges review


Optimum Nutrition’s Protein Ridges is a fairly dense snack, at least compared to other products that have taken the chip-style route. They are relatively light and easy to bite through; however, once you’ve chewed everything up you’re left with a doughy texture that really fills the mouth and packs into your teeth.

While the consistency of the Protein Ridges could be a little easier to eat, there is one area Optimum Nutrition nails pretty well. Where the Protein Ridges deliver is in their taste, as both of the options we purchased Sour Cream and Cheese, make their title flavors standout over that tough consistency.

protein ridges review

The Sour Cream delivers a combination of sour cream and garlic that hits right on the first bite, although it does fade pretty quickly as you chew. As for the Cheese Protein Ridges, it delivers a slightly stronger flavor that can be a bit much initially, but due to its strength, it does hang in there and lasts from start to finish.


Overall Optimum Nutrition’s Protein Ridges isn’t too bad, with its flavors being the real star of the show, especially the very obvious Cheese option. The consistency is bearable; it would just be nice if it didn’t sit in the mouth as long as it does after you’re done chewing, essentially more like traditional chips.