XXL Nutrition puts its Protein Milkshake front and center at FIBO

XXL nutrition protein milkshake

One of the many brands we’ve been introduced to at this year’s FIBO Expo is XXL Nutrition, who has quite the impressive booth. One of the main supplements it is promoting in Germany this week is its recently released protein powder Protein Milkshake, which comes in a unique variety of flavors.

XXL Nutrition’s Protein Milkshake provides around 18g of protein from a mix of whey and casein protein sources, and confidently promotes itself on its label as “ridiculously delicious”. Its other major macros are just under 3g of carbohydrates with 2g of that sugar, about a gram of fat, and a little less than 100 calories.

As mentioned, one of the more impressive things about Protein Milkshake from XXL Nutrition is its lineup of flavors. You can purchase the supplement in ten different tastes including Peanut Butter Cream, Chocolate Candy, and much more unique options like Fresh Strawberry, Yoghurt Cherry, and Stracciatella.

For more information on XXL Nutrition and its lineup of products, which consists of a lot more than just Protein Milkshake, visit xxlnutrition.com. You can also look forward to more news and updates from the German brand in the near future here at Stack3d.