Julian Smith’s Arms Race Nutrition will have an EAA named Replenish

May 20th, 2019
arms race nutrition replenish

Last week the upcoming brand Arms Race Nutrition from the reputable team of Doug Miller and Julian Smith, completely unveiled its pre-workout Harness. It provided everything you need to know about the supplement, including its combination of its ingredients which as promised, proves Arms Race is not another mainstream brand.

This week Julian Smith’s Arms Race Nutrition will be dropping details on another one of the products it plans to launch when it hits the market in about one month. The second supplement confirmed for the promising new brand is an intra-workout named Replenish, designed to help your body recover and repair from an intense workout.

The only feature we know of that Arms Race Nutrition is going to have in Replenish is a full blend of all nine essential amino acids, including of course BCAAs. More details are due to be revealed for the intra-workout formula later this week, which will be worth keeping an eye out for if it’s as complete as the brand’s pre-workout.