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Arms Race Nutrition’s third supplement is the creatine formula Vigor

arms race nutrition vigor

The upcoming brand Arms Race Nutrition from Julian Smith, continues to drip feed details this week on all of the supplements it plans on dropping on June 24th. Over the past couple of weeks, the brand has completely unveiled its stimulant pre-workout Harness, and the full spectrum EAA product Replenish.

This week Arms Race Nutrition is introducing fans to its creatine based, strength supplement Vigor, although creatine won’t be all that’s in this one. The brand has yet to reveal the full formula behind Vigor, but it has said it would feature an advanced formula, suggesting it’ll have more than just creatine to help with strength.

While we only have the name of Vigor at the moment, Arms Race Nutrition will be following its usual pattern and sharing the rest of its details over the next few days. As mentioned, Arms Race is due to hit the market in just under four weeks on the 24th of June, and so far it looks like it’ll be a very competitive newcomer.