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First look at Betancourt’s next hybrid pre-workout B-NOX Reloaded

betancourt b-nox reloaded

One of the longest-running products in Betancourt Nutrition’s lineup of supplements is its hybrid testosterone boosting pre-workout B-NOX AndroRush. A preview of an all-new version of that product has now surfaced with B-NOX Reloaded which will continue the theme of being a combination of testosterone boosting and pre-workout.

For energy and focus, the upcoming supplement will have 300mg of caffeine from natural sources including green tea and green coffee bean, plus an unknown amount of TeaCrine. Also on the pre-workout side of Betancourt Nutrition’s B-NOX Reloaded be 5g of pure citrulline for pumps, 2.5g of betaine, and 3.2g of beta-alanine for performance.

On the testosterone boosting side of the new pre-workout will be a blend for vitality and drive including the likes of tribulus, stinging nettle, and maca, just like the blend in the current B-NOX AndroRush. Betancourt is also adding new ingredients to its testosterone boosting blend for B-NOX Reloaded with ashwagandha and DIM.

All of the ingredients and doses mentioned above are only what we know so far for Betancourt Nutrition’s upcoming B-NOX Reloaded, which means there may be more. As always, stay tuned here at Stack3d for news and updates on the hybrid pre-workout product as we’ll be sharing them as soon as they become available.