Muscle Nation unveils its isolate infused with Velositol, AstraGin and Digezyme

muscle nation protein

Earlier this year the popular Australian apparel company Muscle Nation announced that it was getting into the supplement game with three well put together products. Not too long after it introduced those products with two pre-workouts and a fat burner, the brand revealed that it was already working on a protein powder.

Details on Muscle Nation’s fourth supplement overall have now been released with the protein powder simply being called Muscle Nation Protein. The brand has gone incredibly transparent on this one, listing the amounts of each of the ingredients in its formula including the actual protein and even the sweeteners and emulsifier.

Muscle Nation Protein comes with a solid 25.2g of protein per serving, which is all from high-quality, fast absorbing whey isolate. It has less than a gram of fat and sugar, under 3g of carbohydrates, and a calorie total of 114, with all of those numbers staying the same across its three different flavor options.

muscle nation protein

While Muscle Nation Protein is already quite the quality product being fully transparent and powered by whey isolate, it does have a few extra features. The Australian brand has also included the DigeZyme enzyme blend to help with digestion, 50mg of AstraGin to improve absorption, and 2g of the patented Velositol to boost muscle protein synthesis.

Muscle Nation plans on launching its whey isolate protein powder in Australia very soon in 26 serving tubs at a price of $69.99 (48.93 USD) when buying directly through its website. As mentioned, the product has three flavor options to choose from with Chocolate Flake, Choc Honeycomb, and Caramel Popcorn.

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