Onnit releases its unique no sugar and high fat Sriracha flavored hot sauce

May 19th, 2019
onnit keto hot sauce

If you’re a keto dieter looking to add something new to your pantry, the team over at Onnit has put together a unique new product with Keto Hot Sauce. It is indeed a hot sauce as its name suggests; however, the brand has put a keto twist on it by infusing it with additional fat sources.

Onnit’s new Keto Hot Sauce is a gluten and dairy free product with no sugar, incredibly low carbohydrates, and a reasonably high amount of fat. Squeezed into a small 5ml serving of the keto creation is 2g of fat thanks to the brand’s inclusion of added coconut and avocado oil.

Onnit has given the keto-friendly product a satisfyingly spicy Sriracha flavor made with chili oil extract and Sriracha, as well as garlic oil to even out the spiciness. Like all of the items in Onnit’s extensive lineup, you can grab its new Keto Hot Sauce at onnit.com for the single bottle price of $12.95.

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