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Primeval Labs renames its phosphatidic acid supplement PA Max

primeval labs pa max

Last year in July, the Stack3d Certified Primeval Labs introduced its all-in-one muscle building supplement Primabol, powered by the one main ingredient. Each six-capsule serving of Primabol came packed with 1.5g of the researched and proven, Mediator branded phosphatidic acid.

Primeval Labs’ almost one-year-old Primabol has been restocked through its website this week, although fans may notice a small change. The phosphatidic acid powered muscle builder is no longer named Primabol. Primeval Labs has decided to drop the product’s original title in favor of PA Max.

While the name of the Primeval Labs’ supplement is no longer the same, the formula behind it has not changed, keeping with its 1.5g of Mediator phosphatidic acid. As mentioned, it is now back in stock on the brand’s website at a price of $89.99 before adding in any athlete discount codes.