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Upcoming G Fuel energy drink is going to be one to watch out for

g fuel energy drink

Ever since it was announced back in March, Gamma Labs’ upcoming G Fuel energy drink has been a topic that comes up for us when talking beverages with both consumers and brands. There is still a good amount of time before the product is available, but we feel it is definitely going to be an energy drink worth looking out for.

Gamma Labs’ G Fuel is one of the most popular supplements when it comes to gaming, so it has a huge audience that doesn’t fall into the typical hardcore supplement, muscle building crowd. The brand has also built that fan base off of just the one product that comes in 40 serving tubs, stick packs, and tubes of popping candy.

The G Fuel energy drink is essentially going to be blasted to Gamma Labs large and loyal following right from the start, which isn’t a luxury a lot of new drinks get on arrival. We’ve been big G Fuel fans ever since we tried it several years ago purely because of its great flavors and reliable energy and focus boosting formula.

g fuel energy drink

In our opinion, it’s safe to say the G Fuel energy drink is something to be excited about especially for fans of energy drinks. Based on what has been said about the product so far, it sounds like it’ll have more than your typical mix of ingredients for energy, and like the G Fuel powder, it is going to taste great with zero calories.

Gamma Labs is still promoting the exciting new G Fuel energy drink for release sometime this summer which starts in just a few weeks in the second half of June. The product is going to be available in four flavors all from the regular G Fuel powder menu with Blue Ice, Sour Cherry, Rainbow Sherbet, and FazeBerry.

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