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AML drops a flavored version of its focus formula with Dopa Rush Cocktail

aml dropa rush cocktail

Following on from its recently released AML Energy Cocktail and Calming Cocktail, Advanced Molecular Labs has launched another cocktail named supplement. The latest from the brand is Dopa Rush Cocktail, which is essentially a flavored version of its original focus formula Dopa Rush.

Advanced Molecular Labs Dopa Rush Cocktail brings together six main ingredients to help increase energy and enhance mental focus. It actually features the same fully transparent combination of ingredients as the original capsule Dopa Rush plus 100mg of Garcitrin branded garcinia indica.

aml dropa rush cocktail

The rest of the ingredients making up Advanced Molecular Labs’ all-new Dopa Rush Cocktail outside of the Garcitrin are 2g of tyrosine, 50mg of pure Teacrine, and 100mg of mucuna pruriens. The classic stim caffeine is also in the mix at 200mg per serving as well as 5mg of black pepper for better absorption.

Dopa Rush Cocktail is now in stock and available for purchase from the Advanced Molecular Labs online store at $39.99 for a 30 serving tub in the one Cherry Lemon flavor. We’re not sure if the new product is replacing the original Dopa Rush, although it is no longer listed on the brand’s website.