Ghost’s latest Legend collaboration completely sells out in less than a day

Jun 14th, 2019
christian guzman ghost legend

Yesterday Ghost launched the promising and limited Christian Guzman edition of its pre-workout supplement Ghost Legend in the US as well as the UK and Europe. The product was released exclusively through the original lifestyle brand’s website at, and if you had yet to get in and buy a tub, you have missed out.

Ghost has now completely sold out of the loaded Guzman Ghost Legend V3 with the European store running out just hours after it dropped, and the US store going out of stock earlier today. The brand has also confirmed there will be no restock for its European website with no word yet on whether fans are getting a second chance in the US.

There is still one area of the world left to have its Guzman Ghost Legend V3 launch, and that is Australia. The brand already confirmed the pre-workout supplement would be coming to that country a little later than the US and Europe, which is still the case. More details on that drop including when and where should be available soon.