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Novo teases a seemingly chocolate and coconut flavored game changer

novo nutrition coconut protein bar

The delicious protein snack brand Novo Nutrition out of the UK, has teased its next new functional food release, and based on what little it has shared, it sounds quite exciting. The brand has simply posted a picture of a cracked open coconut surrounded by pieces of chocolate which is all in relation to a new Novo protein bar.

Looking at the brand’s teaser, we’re guessing that Novo Nutrition’s upcoming protein bar will be chocolate and coconut flavored. It is that combination of tastes that has us excited as very few brands have attempted that flavor in a protein snack and done it well, although those that do, deliver some pretty memorable experiences.

Novo Nutrition is saying that whatever its mystery new protein bar turns out to be, it is going to be a “game changer”. While that term does get thrown around a lot and rarely followed through on, Novo has proven that it can put together some great tasting snacks in the past so it’ll be interesting to see what it has come up with this time.