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Nutrex confirms Lipo-6 as one of its two upcoming Natural Series products

nutrex lipo-6 natural

Earlier this month Nutrex confirmed that it has another two supplements coming soon to its Natural Series, which currently consists of just the protein powder Nutrex Plant Protein. The brand shared a teaser image of those two items that had us suspecting we were in for natural spin-offs of Outlift and Lipo-6.

Nutrex has now revealed one of those two upcoming Natural Series supplements, and it turns out we were spot on with our guess of Lipo-6 natural. While the brand has yet to share any actual details about the product outside of its name and a preview, more information is expected to be along soon.

The supplement will still have a one capsule serving, similar to a lot of Nutrex’s other Lipo-6 releases including Lipo-6 Black, Black Intense, and Black Stim-Free. Keeping with the brand’s Natural Series theme, Lipo-6 Natural will also feature a completely natural formula with plant-based ingredients.

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