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Great-tasting Optimum Protein Bar gets a three-flavor variety pack

optimum protein bar variety pack

Optimum Nutrition has put together a new option for its delicious, and truly game-changing protein bar currently only available in the UK and Europe. The product that is simply named the Optimum Protein Bar which comes in four flavors with Chocolate Caramel, Peanut Butter, Rocky Road, and Cookies & Cream.

Now listed on Optimum Nutrition’s UK online store as out of stock, but presumably available soon, is the all-new Optimum Protein Bar Variety Pack. It is exactly what it sounds like with a box of the great-tasting protein snack packing a variety of different flavors as opposed to having an entire box of just the one.

The Optimum Protein Bar Variety Pack comes with three of the product’s four flavors, and since it has ten bars per box, the amount of each flavor isn’t the same. The breakdown of options in the variety set is four of the Chocolate Caramel, and three each of Peanut Butter and the delicious Rocky Road.