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R1sing Labs teases its mysterious and fiercely named product Macabre

r1sing labs macabre

While That 1 Leg Monster’s supplement brand R1sing Labs may have only just hit the market in May, it is already looking to make some noise with a promising new product. The company has shared a rather intriguing teaser image this week relating to an upcoming supplement fiercely named Macabre.

R1sing Labs has only revealed one detail for its mystery new release outside of its name, which is that the weight “500g” is somehow relevant to the product. If we had to guess, 500g could be the weight of an entire tub of Macabre, suggesting it will be a heavily dosed supplement dependent of course on what type it is.

If R1sing Labs Macabre is a pre-workout, 500g gives it a rather hefty serving size of 16.66g if it has 30 servings per tub, or an even more impressive 25g if it has 20. We actually feel the product is likely to be a pre-workout, mostly because that is the kind of supplement you’d hype with the tub weight.

More information should be along soon for R1sing Labs Macabre, which sounds promising so far and with its name being another word for gruesome or ghastly, we imagine it is going to be quite intense whatever it turns out to be.

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