Delicious S’Mores Peanut Butter flavor up next for the Outright Protein Bar

smores peanut butter outright protein bar

In about one and a half months, Marc Lobliner is releasing another flavor for his great tasting Outright Protein Bar which is made with only real food ingredients. The product has one of the best consistencies on the market when it comes to protein bars, not to mention it is packed full of flavor and has a good amount of protein.

The all-new flavor now confirmed to be coming soon for Marc Lobliner’s growing functional food brand is a S’Mores Peanut Butter Outright Protein Bar. The product is going to have 15g of protein just like the snack’s many other options, and of course, be made with only real food ingredients such as whey isolate and nut butter.

As mentioned, the delicious sounding S’Mores Peanut Butter Outright Protein Bar is due to launch in roughly six weeks, which should make it available somewhere near the end of July. The product will be introduced through the supplement retailer Tiger Fitness, where a box of Outright Protein Bars costs $24.99.

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