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Warrior confirms four new supplements over the next 30 days

warrior rage savage

The UK company Warrior Supplements has unveiled a bunch of new products it plans on launching within the next 30 days. The brand has a total of four different supplements coming down the pipeline, one of which is a spin-off of its original stimulant powered pre-workout formula Warrior Rage.

The new products on the way from Warrior are Reds, Greens, an amino supplement simply named EAA, and the spin-off Warrior Rage Savage. We don’t know for sure, but we’re guessing the pre-workout will be a more intense or even an improved version of Warrior Rage based purely on the name.

As mentioned, Warrior plans on releasing all four of the products over the next few weeks, which should make for a busy month. The brand’s Reds and Greens will be available in two flavors each while the full spectrum EAA formula and Warrior Rage Savage are going to have three flavors each.