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Arms Race Nutrition is coming to GNC locations later this year

arms race nutrition

While Julian Smith’s Arms Race Nutrition only just hit the market near the end of June, it has an announcement today you typically only see from much older brands. The exciting news revolves around the availability of Arms Race Nutrition and one of the biggest supplement retailers in the industry.

The big announcement is that Arms Race Nutrition has officially partnered with GNC and will soon be available in 1,000 of its most popular locations. As far as we know, the retailer is going to carry all four of the brand’s supplements, including Vigor, Replenish, and the pre-workouts Harness and Daily Pump.

We also suspect this is what Arms Race Nutrition was referring to when it said its upcoming Bombsicle Harness would be available at a specific location. The brand obviously didn’t want to share the news before the big announcement, and a special flavor for GNC is something we’ve seen a lot of companies do.

No exact date has been set for Arms Race Nutrition’s launch at GNC, although the brand has provided a rough estimate of somewhere in the middle of October.

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