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Cutler Nutrition enters the growing nootropic market with Cognition

cutler nutrition cognition

Cognition is the first entirely new supplement from Jay Cutler’s brand Cutler Nutrition since it revamped and relaunched earlier this year. As you could tell from the name, the latest product from the brand is a focus enhancing formula, which is an all-new category for Cutler Nutrition.

Cognition features a promising mix of ingredients that you will be familiar with if you’re a fan or regular user of energy and focus supplements. The completely transparent formula promises to increase energy as well as enhance focus and concentration for a full-on brain-boosting experience.

You can see the entire combination of ingredients in Cutler Nutrition Cognition in the label above with nine different features. The product’s two-capsule serving packs half a gram of acetyl-l-carnitine, theanine, alpha-GPC, tyrosine, theobromine, huperzine A, and the branded ingredients NeuroFactor and Dynamine.

cutler nutrition cognition

There is also a solid dose of caffeine in Cutler Nutrition Cognition at 120mg per serving, which is around the amount we prefer in supplements like this for use outside of the gym.

Cutler Nutrition’s all-new Cognition is now in stock and available for purchase directly from its online store in a 30 serving bottle. It has a regular price of $44.99, although through until the end of this week, the brand is running an introductory sale where you can save 20% with the coupon code “COGNI20”.