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Fitjoy introduces grain, dairy and gluten-free, plant-based pretzels

fitjoy grain free pretzels

For as long as Fitjoy has been on the market, it has had just the one product available with a protein bar currently available in four flavors and two sizes. This week, after launching three years ago, the brand has finally introduced an entirely new product separate from its protein bar.

The all-new Fitjoy release is Grain-Free Pretzels which isn’t high in protein like its original bar, just a modern take on a classic food product. It is made with plant-based ingredients including cassava and chickpea flour, and is corn, dairy, and gluten-free, and of course as per its title, it is grain-free.

fitjoy grain free pretzels

Fitjoy has introduced its Grain-Free Pretzels in just the one flavor with Himalayan Sea Salt and the one size which is quite large weighing in at 141g. An entire bag comes with four and a half servings with each serving providing 23g of carbs, just a gram of sugar, no added sugar, and 130 calories.

The Fitjoy Grain-Free Pretzels are now available for purchase alongside the brand’s original protein bar over on its website in boxes of four at $24.99, which works out to $6.25 per bag.

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