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Kodiak previews an Area 51 themed flavor of Attack that could be real

kodiak little green man go attack

The immense popularity of the joke Facebook event that’s calling on people to storm Area 51 in Nevada, has inspired memes, jokes, and entertaining posts from supplement companies. Kodiak has joined in on the fun with a full preview of an Area 51 inspired flavor of its top quality pre-workout Attack.

The product the brand has pictured features a slightly different label design compared to a regular tub of Attack, and as mentioned, an Area 51 themed flavor called Little Green Man-Go. While it does all seem like a bit of fun, Kodiak isn’t making it overly clear if this is just a joke or something it is releasing.

The brand has actually said it plans on dropping its Little Green Man-Go Attack in time for the raid on Area 51, which is jokingly taking place on September 20th. That does give Kodiak plenty of time to produce the product, although this does, of course, all depend on whether the brand is joking.